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Why OodieBlan oodie blankets are so bright and colorful?

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Oodie blankets from OodieBlan are creating a niche for themselves in the market. This is not a privileged situation as there are multiple reasons why such a niche has been created by the OodieBlan products. Today we are going to talk about one of the reasons behind the popularity of OodieBlan oodies. This is entirely about the colors and bright look of the oodie blankets.
A number of brands have established a big market for selling wearable blanket. All these brands have different marketing strategies but OodieBlan founders had something different in their minds.

A different process for dyeing your favorite Blanket sweatshirts, and how?

Well, OodieBlan founders were not only concerned with providing the best quality products to all their customers, but also responsible products.
Each oodie is dyed using natural color pigments in our manufacturing units. The coloring of the fabric is done using natural dyes that do not cause pollution or negative impacts on the environment. Using the natural color alternatives reduces the chances of skin infections and allergies. These dyes not only leave bright colors on your oodies but are also natural without any environmental side effects. A sustainable piece of clothing within everyone’s budget.

What about the fabric?

The fabric used in making wearable blankets is processed using sustainable ways.  The environment friendly hoodie blankets are also recyclable and can be transformed into a new product using the same fabric. Innovations and brainstorming are ongoing to introduce oodies made of recycled material. We certainly are concerned about performing our bit in saving the environment. The fabric is recyclable and can be used again once your discard your oodie.

The most colorful oodie alternatives to consider…

  • Unicorn Oodie

Unicorn oodie by OodieBlan is an extremely popular oodie alternative. The customers prefer unicorn oodie over the other alternatives of Oodies and the reason is quite interesting- but not more than the design of the unicorn oodie.

The unicorn oodie is a comparatively new design but it has a special place in the hearts of customers who love big blanket hoodies. The comfy hooded blankets in this design go out of stock very soon and are extremely in demand.

  • Tie Dye Oodies

Tie dye has been a crazy trend this year. So, to keep up with the trends, a number of new tie dye oodies have been launched. These are mostly in solid colors to give a very classy and bold look. The colors are truly mesmerizing and the tie dye pattern is exactly the perfect amount of basics with a little pinch of the tie dye pattern. The blanket with hood is perfect in length and can be worn anywhere due to their perfect fit. In addition, the tie dye wearable blankets have pockets for added comfort at a very cheap rate.

  • Avocado Oodie

The Avocado Oodie is made of the most comfortable and soft fabric. The linings attached to Avocado print Oodies are made of the best quality fleece available in the market. Your blanket sweatshirt will not only keep you warm but also confident and extra comfortable in the room. In addition, these also feel very warm and snuggly. Wearing the oversized blanket sweatshirt in the Avocado print gives a very homely and positive vibe due to its material and design.

  • Striped rainbow oodie

This is the brightest comfy hoodie blanket. It has beautiful colors like a rainbow. The best part about this blanket sweatshirt is how charming and full of life it is. You would definitely not want to miss this precious and cheap oodie.

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