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– Is this sweater machine washable? 

The sweater is machine washable at 30 degrees. We do not recommend drying in the dryer after washing, usually this sweater dries quickly.

– What material is Hoodieblan  made of?

Hoodieblan sweater is made only of the highest quality flannel and sherpa wool fabric, so we guarantee PREMIUM quality.

– Does the sweater always stay soft?

Our Hoodieblan  sweater will always remain not only soft but also tender warm , even after washing.

– Can I buy the same sweater in another store?

Unfortunately, you can only buy an Hoodieblan  sweater in our store www.OODIEBLAN.com, so we guarantee that you will feel unique. Our clothing designs are unique.

– Is this sweater suitable for a 140 kg person?

Yes it is appropriate. This is an enlarged size sweater, so it is suitable for everyone. The smaller a person is, the bigger the sweater is for him.

– How soon will I receive the item?

We deliver goods throughout the world. Goods are delivered within 9 working days (usually delivered within 7 days). If the goods are not in stock, the delivery time is up to 25 working days.

– Will I receive an order confirmation after purchase?

Yes, the confirmation is always sent by the specified email.