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About Us​

This is the most cozy, warmest and utterly buttery piece of clothing you will ever wear.
Whether it is a lonely evening or a fun gathering of friends, you will love wearing Hoodieblan Hoodies.

We only use ultra-high quality materials designed to keep you warm, so you never have to worry about cold. Many people say it is the most comfortable blanket. Others say it’s two products in one, a blanket plus a sweater. In any case, we guarantee that with Hoodieblan you will feel exceptional, as if you are warmly hugged by a cuddly bear.

Why Choose Us

FREE shipping and FREE 30 day, no hassle returns for all orders: It’s part of our Hoodieblan 100% satisfaction guarantee (who doesn’t love that!?)

Only highest quality materials used: Hoodieblan cuddle consultants source the finest materials from around the globe to make your Hoodieblan . This guarantees your Hoodieblan will give you years and years of buttery-soft comfort

100% cruelty free: We’re all about helping to make a more sustainable planet

 Hoodieblan is 10% longer and 100x more fun than the competition: Thanks to the added length Hoodieblans are extra comfortable and cover more of your legs

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