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Why are Oodies special?

Oodies are special for so many reasons, lets see some of them.

Wearable blankets are not just blankets that you can wear. Instead, these are blankets with sleeves, pockets and hood. Oodies introduce a different type of comfort in your life with bare minimum efforts.

Lets now see how your oodies are made in our facilities!

Oodies are specially made for all the lovely people out there. The process of making one oodie is long but completely worth it. The fabric is procured from trusted sources. Before manufacturing it into your favorite wearable blanket, the fabric is processed multiple time. This removes all the dirt and unrequired particles. It is then kept for resting under high temperatures to allow some breathability into the fabric. Once all this is done, the fleece is ready to be colored and stitched into the desired forms.

The fabric used in making wearable blankets is processed using sustainable ways. The coloring of the fabric is done using natural dyes that do not cause pollution or negative impacts on the environment. Using the natural color alternatives reduces the chances of skin infections and allergies. The environment friendly hoodie blankets are also recyclable and can be transformed into a new product using the same fabric. Innovations and brainstorming are ongoing to introduce oodies made of recycled material. We certainly are concerned about performing our bit in saving the environment.

Now the oodie is ready to be sold to all our valuable customers. The packaging for the wearable blanket is decided and put with all the oodies in our secure warehouses.

What next….?

The wearable blankets are then kept in our warehouse facilities. The facilities are AI powered which ensures the safety of all the products. Once you place your orders, the oodies are ready to be packed in the exclusive packaging, JUST FOR YOU!

But we also give huge discounts on our oodies, how?

Our manufacturing units and storage houses are located in the best places in the world. We function in a way that the oodies are made using the best possible ways. This costs us heavy but we are committed towards providing the best-in-class service. That’s why we put it on our pockets and manage the discounts.

Our sales are always better the other time. We also offer free shipping policy on all our orders. We have been able to price our oodies most adequately. Our delivery is closely monitored and the oodies are always safe with our shipping partners. Our teams aim at a loyal customer base. Because that’s our biggest profit.

In conclusion……

Our team at OodieBlan focus on delivering quality products to each one of you. Our customer service is always there to help you with the issues (which are by the way none) with your oodie orders. You get the perfect oodie for yourself as well as your loved ones, at great deals.

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