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Wearing an Oodie to Bed

Can you sleep in an Oodie?

While many people might think the answer to be a ‘No’, that is not true. In fact, a Hoodie blanket and your bed can be the best combination for maximum comfort and protection against cold. A hooded blanket is the best way to end and start your day in bed.

Here are some points regarding wearing an oodie to bed:

  1. Oodie blankets are made with materials that are crease free. This means however you wear your oodie, it will not crumble. A sweatshirt blanket never loses its shape, no matter where you wear it and how you wear it.
  2. Even if you are concerned about the cleanliness of your hooded blanket, that is not an issue. Even if you spill some hot chocolate on your oodie, it can be cleaned very easily. This all comes without any additional costs for dry cleaning or expensive wash patterns. Drying your oodie is as easier as wearing it and takes no time.
  3. A Hooded blanket can be worn to bed for sleeping. It can also be worn to snuggle while watching your favourite movie. What we want to say here is that a hooded blanket comes with the purpose to keep you warm and comfortable. No matter if you wear it to the bed or to the couch, it will always do its job without any tantrums.
  4. You can wear your oodie blanket even with another blanket during the cold. Sweatshirt blankets are made with a unique formula where your body is allowed to breathe even while wearing warm clothes. A jumper blanket has enough space to make you feel comfortable and warm at the same time. You can twist and turn as many times in the bed while sleeping, your body will stay warm and protected.
  5. A Hooded blanket is the best possible way to protect your head from the cold while being in the bed. A blanket becomes a big hassle when it comes to covering your head. However, a blanket sweatshirt will keep your head also warm without any struggle. There are absolutely no harms and hassles. Your head gets the space it needs, unlike the tight-fitting caps.

As we all decide to stock up on winter necessities as winter draws near, the blanket hoodies stand out as a necessity. The reason is that, despite wearing countless layers of clothing in the winter, you still find it difficult to operate and carry out daily tasks. Some of the clothing is so uncomfortable that you hardly want to move. The opposite is true with the blanket hoodie. In reality, it is cosy and, most importantly, keeps you warm and cuddled constantly. It’s perfect for bonfires, camping, night outs, and other wintertime activities. You now understand why it is superior to the blanket as well. You won’t regret making this nice investment in your winter wardrobe.

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