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Ways to use your oodie like never before

All of us have been buying Oodies like never before. Wearable blanket sweatshirts are our absolute favorites. These thoughtful products can’t be kept aside. Especially where there is a plethora of things that you can do with your oodie. These things are creative and can involve all your family members, as well as friends. Here are some ways to use your blanket sweatshirts like never before:

  1. A crazy pillow fight

Yes, you read it right!

We know that you love your blanket sweatshirt but you would love it more when it is filled with some clothes. This will turn your blanket sweatshirt into a soft pillow. This pillow made of oodie is the softest pillow that you can use to play pillow fight with. Trust us, we do this all the time and we are absolutely in love with our oodie even more!

  1. A Crazy photoshoot with the colorful Oodies    

Photo shoots are trending these days. From cozy home photo shoots to high budget celebrity photo shoots, everybody loves some creative pictures. Use your unicorn oodie to look colorful and vibrant. The comfy blanket sweatshirts will not only add comfort to your look but would also stand out.

In fact, you could have a group photo shoot with all your friends and family. An Oodie can also be a great prop during your shoot. Two or more younger kids can get inside one unicorn oodie and turn the tables. This idea is making family pictures look a bit funky and cool. All you need is a matching avocado oodie or a pink oodie for all the members. If you don’t have one yet, check it out at our online oodie store.

  1. An Oodie as cover for other clothes? Hell yes!

We all have a number of clothes. But the storage space is always less. In such a situation, you can use your blanket sweatshirt for storing all the clothes that you don’t need. Oodie storage bag can also store other important articles while you travel. In fact, your oodie and its storge bags can also be used to store your valuables. No one would ever think that some valuables are hidden inside an oodie. This would not only create some extra space but also make your cheap oodie useful during the warm season.

  1. Oodie for Pets?

We have been facing increasing demand for oodie for dogs. Similarly, Cat Oodies are also in great demand. You can use the soft and thick oodie blankets as a temporary home for your pets. The bulldog Oodie is perfect for your heavy dogs. The German Shepherd Oodie is perfect for tall dogs who are extremely active. Oodies for dogs are designed in such a manner that they allow maximum movement by your dog. In addition to your dog, your cats will also love this matching product. They will feel like a part of your family.

We are sorry if you find your kids and pets fighting over the oodies, but it will be cute, because why not? We would love to see you all recreating these ideas and having fun with your cheap oodie.

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