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Trend of the season: Zipper Oodies

Purple Oodie Zipper

Zipper sweatshirt blankets are the new trend this winter season. It is a prototype of our bestselling oodie blankets with a zipper closure for more comfort and ease. The front zipper closure makes wearing oodie blankets easier and makes them look sassier and chicer.

Here are some cool facts about the new Zipper Blankets:

10 times more comfortable:

The zipper blankets are 10x more comfortable to wear. The Zipper blanket sweatshirts allow you to choose the manner in which you want to carry your oodie blanket. It is also easier to wear without leaving your hairstyle in a mess. It is perfect for night outs and all other adventure activities.

More style:

The zipper jumper blankets from HoodieBlan are more stylish as compared to the normal blanket sweatshirts. It lets you create more looks and styles. The zipper oodie can be worn as a jacket as well. You can keep the zipper open for a chicer look. You can also keep the zipper closed for a more defined look. The solid colour zipper oodies are extremely famous and in high demand.

Separate pockets:

The zipper oodies have two separate pockets which mean more space. You can also decide on different items to be kept in different pockets. This means no tangled earphones and no extra scratches on your phone screen. This also means that you can use one pocket for your regular items and the other one for snacks or your makeup.

Kids friendly:

Even though the regular oodie blankets are equally appealing to kids, the zipper one has more utility. The kids can wear the huge zipper blanket sweatshirts on their own. This reduces the work for their mothers and guardians. The zipper blankets are made with High-Quality material and made to last. Made with flannel fleece on the outside and Sherpa fleece on the inside, the combination of materials used in the zipper oodie will make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a soft duvet.

Cuter designs:

The zipper oodie designs are cute and extremely beautiful. The most famous strawberry zipper oodie is extremely famous for kids as well as adults. These designs have fast shipping as well as a no-hassle return policy.

The zipper oodie blankets are part of the newest collection of HoodieBlan. These are quite affordable and fit everyone perfectly. The zipper hoodie blankets are also great options for gifting on any occasion.

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