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The Comfy vs OodieBlan – What to chose?

A blanket sweatshirt or oversized blanket Hoodie is something that can very comfortably unite the world together. These cosy hoodie blankets allow people to go out of their homes while still being wrapped up in the warmth of their blankets. The introduction of the wearable blanket hoodie is a revolution in the fashion world and we present to you the two best blanket hoodie brands so you can decide what suits you better.


OodieBlan is a company that provides oversized blanket hoodies to people worldwide. Blanket sweatshirts by OodieBlan feel like butter on your skin. These do not burn a hole in your pocket and are great gifting items (you can be the Santa to all your loved ones!) as these are extremely affordable.

The Comfy

The Comfy is on a Mission to provide the world with a big giant hug in form of its Hoodie blanket. This particular brand has been established in the year 2017 and since then it has been passionate about its causes. Comfy has also been in the limelight for donating its products to the needy.

The Comfy v. OodieBlan

  1. OodieBlan can be easily carried around by adults as well as kids as it is a very lightweight product. The oversized blanket Hoodie by OodieBlan is also very easy to pack and can be taken up for adventure activities like hiking. On the other hand, the comfy is also easy to carry around but not that much light weighted.
  2. OodieBlan wearable blanket hoodies are perfect for the autumn as well as winter season. They can provide warmth even in very low temperatures. The Comfy blanket hoodie is perfect for autumn but it is not an ideal choice for keeping you warm during the winter.
  3. The Major focus of OodieBlan oodie is on providing the best quality products to the customers and keeping them warm. They also have a great variety of designs that make you look beautiful and keep you warm at the same time. The major focus of The Comfy is to enhance the fashion quotient of customers using their stylish designs which might not protect people from winter.
  4. OodieBlan wearable blanket hoodie is a perfect gifting item and can be afforded by anyone. The comfy is not very affordable and their blanket sweatshirt can prove to be really heavy on your pockets.

An oversized blanket hoodie is necessary in a world where people will do anything to look trendy and fashionable. Grab yours before the winters are here and make an informed choice.

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