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The Perfect Oodies For Workaholics!

The Perfect Oodies For Workaholics!

The holidays are quickly approaching, but before stressing out about all the things you have to buy (and the money you don’t have to), let’s go over a list of awesome items that might be suitable for the person you have in mind. The workaholics in our lives—whether they are a friend of yours or you—deserve a reward in 2023. Add items to your cart now!

An Oodie is a smart mashup of two of your favourite things on a cold night, or should we say a cold night in the office. It is a portmanteau of blanket and sleeves. An Oodie is an ideal company while you’re working all night after the other employees have left.

Sizes for Kids and adults are available in a variety of solid and patterned designs, and if you want to make them more unique, you can have your name embroidered! Give your pals who love to travel the OodieBlan Travel, a regular-sized Oodie that easily unfolds into a wearable blanket!

Here are the best oodie designs to gift to your workaholic friends:

Blue Oodie

Solid coloured oodies are the most charming and versatile Hoodie blankets. These go extremely well on almost all pieces of clothing. They look equally good on adults as well as kids. These jumper blankets come in a wide variety of colours, such as the blue oodie, etc. The Solid coloured oodies are also extremely affordable and can be worn in multiple ways.

The Blue oodie is our first choice for all workaholics. While working for long hours can get as monotonous as we can imagine, the blue oodie is the perfect choice to induce some refreshing thoughts in your mind while you are at it. Blue oodie looks very sober and can be worn in all offices.

Black Oodie

The Oodie blanket has sleeves that serve as a hooded wrap and a pillow. Anywhere, whenever, you can keep your hands toasty and store your stuff in a kangaroo pocket. The Black oodie is simple to maintain and has a traditional look!

The Black oodie is ideal for people who spend long hours in their offices. This is the perfect colour and shade to be worn in a formal setting. No difference in how you move, work or enjoy yourself. Even your boss will enviously look on as you work wearing the blanket.

Beige Oodie

Beige colour has been a superhit fashion trend this year. Oodies are not untouched by this trend. There are a number of oversized blanker sweatshirts that are made in a Beige backdrop. Beige oodie is perfect for Office as their colour is neither too bright nor too dull. These also look really well on adults. The final look of the beige oodie is to die for.

Pink Oodie

The pink oodie is perfect for people who keep losing their stuff on their work desks! The large middle pocket completely takes over the pink oodie design. This pocket is a classic in contrast to other pouch designs that let you slip your hands in at the sides. The Pink Oodie has a large pocket front. It comes very helpful for keeping your hands free and warm while storing all your Ids and other important stuff.

Tie Dye Oodies

Tie Dye has been a fashion trend this year. The Tie Dye oodie is not only colourful, but it has a balance of colour and pattern. In addition, the patterns are such that they do not look too loud. Due to the balanced colour settings and cool patterns, the tie-dye oodie is a perfect fit for all the people working in fashion offices. Be it an intern or the boss, the Tie-dye oodie is the perfect fit for long cold work nights.

Purple Oodie

We are willing to overlook just about everything in exchange for comfort during winter. The equivalent of a 6XL hoodie, this unisex design in jewel-tone navy should fit most wearers. With a warm sherpa fleece interior that brushes against skin and a soft flannel fleece exterior, slipping the Purple Oodie on is the next best thing to being wrapped by a warm cloud. In the coming weeks, you’ll want to live in it. When it needs to be refreshed, simply toss it in the next wash.

Silver Grey Oodie

A Silver Grey Oodie can be useful in a situation when you have loads of work to finish but it’s too cold. With a hood and sleeves that allow you to keep your hands free to work while holding the blanket in place. The Silver Grey Oodie is typically designed to function similarly to a cape. It’s probably not a good idea to carry a normal blanket to your office, but an oodie works well for working from the office.

Grey Oodie

Grey oodie blankets are never out of trend. They are a perfect match for the work environment for anyone who loves some class and chic factor simultaneously. The Grey colour makes your personality stand out. This oodie is also very soft on your skin and covers your entire torso. The Grey oodie is as perfect as your favourite dreams are!

Offices are already really boring, let’s work together to make the environment more fun. Definitely carry your oodies to your office to not just be able to work without feeling cold but also have that Oomph factor!

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