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The Oodie vs Oodie Blan – Which is better?

Most of us love the winter season and the fact that we can stay wrapped in warm blankets. But What about when you have to step out and you can’t stay in bed all day long? In those situations, we have got you covered. The Hoody blankets are massive blankets in the form of hoodies to enable a person to walk while wearing a blanket.

The market is flooded with a large number of brands which sell Hoody blankets. So, to help you in choosing the best and the comfiest Hoody blanket for yourself, here’s our list of the comparison between the best-selling oodie brands:

Oodie Blan

OodieBlan is one of the fastest-growing Oodie brands in the world. The brand is known for its high-quality materials and exceptional comfort. The Oodies provided by OodieBlan are the warmest in the market. Their material is so soft on the skin that you will never want to take it off your body.

The Oodie

The hooded blankets provided by the Oodie are made using Sherpa fleece on both the internal as well as the external side. The Oodie sells its hooded blankets in a different number of patterns and colours and comes with a cute drawstring bag.

OodieBlan Vs. The Oodie

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  • Oodie Blan hoodie blankets fit like an absolute dream. The size of these hooded blankets can be customised at no cost. On the other hand, customers have reported that the cuffs on different oodies are different for each hooded blanket offered by the Oodie. This means the product can fit or not fit your body depending upon your luck.
  • Oodie Blan guarantees a 100 per cent refund in case you are disappointed with the experience of their hooded blankets. There is no such policy offered by the Oodie.
  • Oodie Blan offers free shipping worldwide while no such policy by the Oodie is known.
  • Oodie Blan has a different section for adults and Kids. The oodies available for kids are colourful, vibrant, and made in a manner that attract children. They have patterns like avocado oodiezebra print oodie, lemon oodie, cow print oodie, etc. the choices offered by the Oodie are not so diverse and limited only to a few designs and patterns.

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  • OodieBlan oodies require low maintenance and hence no additional costs for your oodie. On the other hand, the oodie offers items that require more care and maintenance.
  • OodieBlan hoodies have options of getting hooded sweatshirts with or without the hoods, the oodie does not offer this facility.
  • Oodie Blan has great customer support service. All your queries are solved by the experts within no time. The customer support service of Oodie is not very impressive and you have to wait for quite some time to get your query solved.
  • Oodie Blan has a comparatively easy return process. On the other hand, the return process for the Oodie is a bit complex.
  • OoodieBlan oodies are cheaper and more comfortable. The Oodie offers a bit expensive oodies, and they can’t be afforded by everyone.
  • Oodie Blan offers various discounts and sale offers for its products throughout the year, while Oodie only offers discounts on select occasions

Now that you have a clear picture of what the two most successful oodie brands offer, we wish you luck in making the right choice.

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