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Take your home wherever you go!

Cosy Adventures: Traveling in a Bus While Wearing an Oodie

Your home is the first place that comes to your mind every time a discomforting thing happens to you. Be it feeling cold in the winter or feeling too burnt in the summer, home is always the first thing to come to your mind. What if we said you can take your home wherever you go- Yes you heard it right! All you need is a car and an Oodie.

A car does not need much description. Any functional car that can take you to places will work. What requires our attention is the Oodie blanket. How to use it with a car and how to create a home with it?

  1. Clean your car and your Oodie

A healthy person resides in a clean home. That’s the mantra!

Start by cleaning your car and oodie. Drop your car at the garage for some cleanup. For cleaning your oodie all you need is a bucket and some detergent. Soak your oodie in the detergent and tumble dry at low. If you have a washing machine, even that can be used. Make you’re your oodie is washed properly and has a nice fragrance to make the vibe in your movable home better!

  1. Pack the essentials

Mark all your essentials such as your snacks, toiletries, etc. and pack them in a separate bag. Pack your oodie in the storage bag that comes with it. If you buy your oodie from OodieBlan, you can get a free storage bag for your oodie. You can also keep a diffuser in your car to make sure it smells good.

  1. Plan a theme

Decide on the theme that you want to have and plan accordingly. You can literally build an open sky inside your car. Put on some glow-in-the-dark stars on the roof of your car and it is good to sleep in. pair it with the Sun and moon oodie or glow-in-the-dark pink oodie for a crazy twist.

You can also make it a snow wonderland. Use some cotton balls to give the effect of snow. Add some cute fairy lights and your car is as exciting as any winter festival. The Penguin oodie will be the best match for this theme.

If you want to feel like you are in a forest, you can add some plants and artificial grass to the footpad area. Add green oodie, camouflage oodie, or avocado oodie to make it better.

  1. The more, the Merrier!

Always make sure that you have enough of everything you need. Keep plenty of snacks and good lighting. Keep your devices and charges in a secure place and extra supplies for each. You can also have more a normal-sized oodie and an extra long oodie in your car, to make sure you are not cold on the extra-cold nights. The Alpaca oodie, Corgi oodie, avocado oodie, pink oodie, etc. are some great options you can consider.

Keep a movable home handy for all those moments when you need to sneak out from a party but can’t go home. When you are too tired to drive, your movable Car-home comes to the rescue. Make sure this home is as warm as your permanent home.

Do suggest some more themes in the comments below. The most creative and unique theme gets a special gift from OodieBlan.

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