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Styling your Oodie like a Pro!

Styling your Oodie like a Pro!

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There are different ways in which you can style your blanket sweatshirt like a pro. A big blanket sweatshirt is the most versatile and effortless piece of clothing for you to style when you are running out of time or styles.
Various celebrities have been seen styling their favorite comfy blanket sweatshirts in stylish and catchy way. They have even taken these blanket sweatshirts to the ramp and took over the show.
Here is our guide on how you can style your Oodie with different clothing items and steal some compliments:

Style as a baggy sweatshirt with denims

The most common and chic way to style your Oodie is to wear it with a denim piece. A jean, short, or a skirt would really fit well with cheap Oodies. Add some accessories to amp up the look and your back to school or fall outfit will be ready within minutes.

Wear as a sweatshirt dress

If you are looking for a cute and comfy look, this is the style you must definitely try. Wearing your blanket sweatshirt as a one-piece dress with some boots is the simplest way to get it outdoors. Of you are off to a party or festive event, you can pair your oodie with some blingy footwear. Add a belt on the waist and take you look from 100 to 1000. If you are looking for defining the area around you waist, the belt will do the job. Trust us when we say this, oodies paired with belt and a pair of classy boots look better than the fitted bodycon.

Wear as a knee length dress

You can always get an oodie that reaches the length of your knees. This way you will not only cover the upper part of your body but also the legs. Styling your blanket sweatshirt in this manner will give you a defined and neat look while being warm and comfortable.

Layer with jackets and over coats

Layering is the fashion in trend these days. You can wear your oodie underneath a lose jacket or an overcoat to make it look more fashionable. You can add more layers by wearing a shirt under the jacket. Add accessories, a classy handbag, and your favorite heels and you are ready to go shopping. This type of style is also famous for day outs, and casual outings.

Wear your oodie with joggers

If you are looking for a sporty and relaxed fit, this is the best way to style your oodie. Wear oversized joggers fitted at bottom. Add sport shoes or sneakers with a simple golden or silver chain to enhance the sportiness of the look. We suggest you style your blanket with a hood, or oodie with pockets in this way for the maximum head turns. The relaxed fit will keep you comfortable and different from all the people in the room. This type of look is perfect when you are going for adventure sports or for casual walks with your friends.

Although it is all dependent on your preferences on how you want to style your oversized blanket sweatshirt, we have tried to sort things out for you. You can also wear it with no styling at all, and it will still make you look good and confident.

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