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Snuggie vs OodieBlan

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Oversized blanket sweatshirt and Sherpa Oodie which comes in various designs and colours are ruling the market. These hoodies made of Sherpa lining are super soft and hug your body like a teddy. You will never feel alone with this product on your body. There are multiple brands that offer Oodie made with great quality Sherpa lining. OodieBlan and snuggie are the two most famous brands for Sherpa hoodies, one must decide which suits their requirement more.


OodieBlan provides the comfiest Hoodie blankets that are available in the market. The cheap Oodie provided by OodieBlan is not only made of the best quality material available but is also machine washable and requires less maintenance. The quality of the product is top notch and now the product in the market matches its exquisite feel.

The Hoody blankets provided by OodieBlan will make you feel exceptional and cuddled all the time.


Snuggie oodies is a brand which is known for providing the best Sherpa blanket hoodies in the market. Apart from the their oodies, snuggie also provide classic oodie blankets and oversized blanket sweatshirts which are comfortable and body-hugging. Just like the name of the brand, the oversized Hoodie blankets provided by snuggie are comforting and snuggly.

OodieBlan vs. Snuggie oodies

  1. OodieBlan offers free shipping on all its products, with no minimum purchase required. On the other hand, snuggie charges a shipping fee and provides free delivery only after a minimum purchase requirement is met.
  2. All the oodies offered by OodieBlan are equally good in quality, but snuggie provides a good Sherpa oodie. Other oodies are just okay.
  3. OodieBlan provides oodie which are made of the highest quality material. Not only the material is the best in quality but it is also cruelty-free and sustainable in quality. On the other hand, the fleece used in snuggie oodies is not that sustainable.
  4. OodieBlan oodies are environment friendly and look good on people from all age groups. This is not the case with snuggie oodie.
  5. Oversized blanket sweatshirts from OodieBlan are extremely comfortable and look very smart. The fitting of snuggie oodie, on the other hand, is a bit weird.
  6. OodieBlan oodies require low maintenance and hence no additional costs for your oodie. On the other hand, the oodie from Snuggie requires more care and maintenance. It adds extra burden on the pocket of the customer.

A snuggie hoodie is something that everyone would love to own in the winter season. These blanket sweatshirts offered by OodieBlan and snuggie are game changers and the most wearable blankets oodies available in the market. Get your hands on one and be free for the rest of the winter.

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