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Picnic with Oodies

Picnic with Oodies

While it is the best way to soak in all the sun, a picnic is also the best and the most comfortable way to shoo away all the boredom. It takes literally nothing to enjoy a picnic in a park nearby. Grab a sheet, some snacks, and your favourite drink for maximum enjoyment.

The sun is always hiding behind the clouds for regions that get extra cold in winter. You never know when it will come to say Hi! So, it’s always best to prepare your picnic basket for a cheerful day. Don’t forget your earphones for some chill music and your oodie blanket to keep you from catching a cold.

An oodie blanket will not only keep you warm, but it will also keep you snuggled. You will not need another company if you have your hooded blanket.

Here are the most suitable oodie patterns for a picnic day:

  1. Krispy Kreme Oodie

The Krispy Kreme oodie in bright pink colour is the most suitable oodie for a dull day. If you are planning to visit a park filled with greenery and get some pretty pictures, this is the ideal oodie blanket for you. The Krispy Kreme oodie looks very vibrant and instantly cheers up your mood.

  1. Cat Oodie

If you plan to take your cat on a nice picnic day, this is the perfect oodie. With its chic yet unique colour combination, the kitty cat oodie stands out as one of the cutest oodie blankets. If the day is bright with the sun already out, you can wear this oodie. The kitty cat oodie will match perfectly with the warm sunny tones.

  1. Unicorn Oodie

If you are planning a picnic day with your girl gang, the Unicorn oodie is the best choice. It is a perfect shade of pink with a cute unicorn print all over. The unicorn oodie has huge pockets to store your lip balms, sunscreens, and your AirPods. Just put it on, and you are ready for a fun and memorable day with your besties!

  1. Dog Oodie

If you have a paw-sitive family member in form of a cute dog, the Dog oodie is the perfect match for you. This oodie with big ear dog print is a perfect combination of cute and classy. The colour is basic and will look good on everyone, irrespective of age, or gender. The dog oodie is also a perfect choice for a boy’s day out or a family picnic. What proves love and loyalty better than a Dog?

  1. Avocado Oodie

The first yet still the most popular pattern of Oodies launched by OodieBlan is always a great match for any chill day. The Avocado oodie is perfect for family picnics, children’s day outs, and every other thing you can imagine. Even if you are not planning a picnic, the Avocado Oodie is a must-have!

These are only a few patterns that you might like. Feel free to visit the OodieBlan website to check out more oodie patterns and find your favourite.

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