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Packing your Oodie for adventures

It has been said a number of times that an oodie or wearable blanket is a perfect travel buddy. Be it a trek or a backpacking trip, a hoodie blanket is perfect for travelling from one place to another. It is easy to pack and easier to move. It does not lose its shape and can be carried without adding extra weight to your luggage.

The light weight and versatile design of blanket hoodie is such that it can be used as sleeping bag as well. It will keep you safe from the cold as well as from the insects and small organisms in the open. An oodie blanket is also great for keeping your valuables from misplacing. A blanket with a hood will keep your head and ears safe from the chilly winds. To sum it up, cheap oodies can go a long way in keeping you safe and comfortable during a trip.
Here are some tips on how you should pack your oodie for various trips.

Use storage boxes or pouches to keep your oodie handy

If you are out for adventures like trekking, or camping storing your hoodie blanket separately will be the best idea. It will keep your wearable blanket handy and within reach. You don’t want to be searching your oodie after a tiring day so it’s better to keep it at a different place than your other belongings. Using the storage boxes will also keep your oodie fresh and in a perfect shape. It is also easy to fold it back into a storge box after using at night and save some time before you begin a new adventure.

Store at the bottom of your luggage for extra quilting

If you are out for a long vacation, storing your hoodie blanket at the bottom of your luggage is the best option. This will allow you to keep other items in your luggage safe from the shocks during the transit. This is also great if you don’t want to use your oodie very frequently during the trip and only use it a limited number of times. It will also make carrying your oodie easier as all your belongings can be in one bag which can be moved from one place to another.

Fold your oodie blanket and keep it in a rucksack bag for maximum mobility

If you are packing a separate bag which can be carried on your shoulders, keeping your oodie in that bag is the best alternative. Since oodies are not very heavy and do not add a lot of weight to your luggage, storing them in a rucksack can actually reduce your burden. By doing this, you can have maximum mobility as you can easily move without keeping your hands occupied.

You can also cover your wearable blanket with another cloth or a sheet of newspaper to keep it wrinkle free. No matter how you store your cheap oodie, one thing we assure you if is that it is definitely going to make your trip an easy and comfortable one.

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