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Oodie’s Promise to you

An oodie blanket is one thing that will be your best friend, your lover, and your family. It will be your shoulder to cry on and wings to fly with. When such a close relationship exists between two beings, there has to be a promise of safety and security.


Today your favourite oodie from OodieBlan has made some promises to you. Written promises to keep them intact forever. Let’s see what your oodie has got to say to you:

  1. I Promise to keep you Warm and Safe

I, your Oodie blanket promise to you to keep you warm in the cold, and to keep you safe from all health issues. I am made from environment friendly material so I don’t itch. I am dyed using natural colours so I don’t bleed colour even if you wear me in hot temperatures. I come with a hood to keep your ears and head protected from the chilly wind. I promise to be your companion and stand in front of you when the chilly wind tries to knock you down.

  1. I Promise to never leave you alone

I, your Hooded blanket promise to never leave you alone. I will fit in even the smallest of spaces just to be with you. I come with my own storage bag, so you don’t have to spend extra on me. I live a long life and I can’t be torn easily.

  1. I Promise to never let you lose your things

I, your Oodie blanket promise to never ever let you get sad because you lost your things. I have a huge pocket to store all your things. My pocket is deep enough to keep all the things fitted and ensure that nothing falls out even when you are moving in weird ways and jumping around. I promise to be the treasurer of all your keys, makeup, accessories, gadgets, etc.


  1. I Promise to not throw unnecessary tantrums

I, your wearable blanket sweatshirt promise to not throw any tantrums. I am an oodie blanket that can be bathed in any normal detergent, at any place. I don’t need salon appointments. I don’t need fancy detergents. I don’t need spas to look fresh. I am evergreen and I will always look happy even when you wash me once a month!

  1. I Promise to go wherever you go

I, your Oodie Blanket promise to go wherever you go. I don’t get damaged so you can take me even to the treks. I can come with you to the beach, to the movies, to the drives, to the adventure nights, to the camp nights, to the party nights. Basically, I can come everywhere. I can fit in any group of friends you have and I don’t complain about the crowd. I mix well with everyone, so you won’t get complaints about me ever.

Looks like your oodie blanket loves you a lot more than you think. The promises seem to be coming right from the heart of your oodie. We are definitely convinced by these promises, and you should be too! Get your favourite friend today from OodieBlan.

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