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Oodies as Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s day is almost here. If you have not squared upon your gift yet, serious trouble awaits you!!!

If you are still dedicated to finding the gift for your valentine, we are here to help. Let’s get you comfortable with the idea of Oodie Blankets.

Made for all those people who need extra love, extra care, extra assurance, and extra everything, the Oodie blanket is an absolute favourite gifting item for valentine’s day. This one item is a game-changer for anyone. Let us tell you why you need to gift an oodie blanket to your partner as soon as possible:

  1. It will get you extra cuddles

An oodie blanket is a perfect cuddly item. It can be worn and cuddled by your partner. It is huge in size which means two people can easily fit in a single oodie and cuddle till eternity. The oodie cuddles are special and extra warm. It is a perfect date idea- decide on a movie and share an oodie blanket until you cuddle each other to sleep!

  1. It will show that you care

Irrespective of whether you are buying it for your boyfriend or girlfriend, gifting an oodie will send one message- that you care. You care about the comfort of your partner. You care about their health and emotional well-being. An oodie will keep your partner comfortable and protected from the cold even when you’re not around. It is a one-wearable blanket army that can defeat all the enemies finding their way to your partner.

  1. Show that you remember small details about them

If you are someone who remembers small details such as the favourite colour of your partner, you can definitely buy an oodie. A number of oodie designs in different colours are available at OodieBlan. You will find the colour you are looking for. And when you present that as a gift to your partner, they will love you more for how you remember their favourite colour. It is just the right way to show that your partner means a lot to you, without even saying a word.



  1. Buy a pair

An oodie blanket is one item that you can buy for yourself as well as your partner. You can buy matching oodies or different oodies, the choice is all yours. When you buy an oodie for yourself as well, it shows that you love yourself. As they say, love for others comes after love for self. So why pamper just your partner when you can both have fun? If you buy matching pair it can be all the way more romantic. An Oodie will make your pair look cuter with added comfort and warmth.

Some of you might doubt whether ordering today will allow timely delivery of your oodie.

Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. We have free shipping for all countries around the world. Worldwide shipping is 5-9 days, which means your oodie will reach you right in time for the celebrations. So, place your orders right away without wasting any more time!

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