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Oodie Hacks

Oodie Hacks

An oodie is the most versatile piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe. It can be used as anything, as per your wishes. It is like a genie coming out of the storage bag and changing your life forever. You want warmth- You get it. You want Huge Pockets- Absolutely Yes. You want soft fleece brushing your body throughout- Your Oodie got your back. To be precise, your oodie is your personal assistant that will do nothing more and nothing less than what you ask it for!

While the most convenient way of using an Oodie is as a blanket to keep you warm, you can also use some simple hacks to make it more functional. Here are some useful hacks to enjoy your Oodie days:

  1. Use it as a bag

An oodie is made of crumble-free fabric. You can fold it the way you want, without the fear of bad shape or destroyed fabric.

You can tie both the arm holes together to use your oodie as a shopping bag. Keep the hood part closed using a simple hair tie. With these two simple steps, your bag is ready without any extra expenses. You can even use this bag to store extra household items when you are running out of space. An oodie bag can hold a lot more than you can imagine. Be it your groceries or your stress-shopping parade, the bag will keep its strength till the very end.

  1. Use it as Pillow

No matter how many pillows you have in your room, you will always feel the lack of one more.

An Oodie blanket is made of soft yet fuzzy fabric. It is already thick enough. However, if you want some more support at the back, fold it into a ball. The pillow made out of an oodie blanket is perfect as it will adjust the shape to your convenience. It is not the stubborn pillow that makes your neck hurt. It is absolutely neck friendly. You can always stuff your oodie with some more clothing items to increase its thickness.

  1. DIY Items

Your oodie will never turn old or get worn out, but you will definitely want to get new designs. With a plethora of new oodie alternatives such as the Corgi oodie, the different variants of the pink oodie, new avocado oodie designs, the extra-long oodie, the zipper strawberry oodie, etc. you always want more.

When the time comes to part ways with your long-loved oodie, you don’t need to throw it away. Cut your oodie as per the sizes and you can make a laptop case from the torso area. You can cut the hood to turn them into a sassy phone cover. Try cutting the arm area and making it into a headband, a cute wristband or even a stylish belt. You can also use the old oodie blanket to make it into pillow covers, table covers, a sling bag, etc.

An oodie can be used in different ways without additional expenses and much work. All you need is a little bit of creativity and an extra hand to help you with the stitching and sewing.

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