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New trending Oodies

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With the outset of winters, the market witnesses a brand-new collection of colorful and beautiful blanket sweatshirts. These Oodies get into the trends right away.
Oodies look extremely welcoming and comfortable on all types of bodies. The unicorn oodie, avocado oodie, and pink oodie are being loved by people like never before. The designs and patterns get more colorful every year. Here are the most famous and trendy Oodies that you can try:

Watermelon Sugar Oodies

It might not be summer anymore to enjoy fresh and watery watermelons, but the oodies have got you covered. The brand-new design of oodies come with the print of watermelon. It has added sugar for the extra sweetness. This Oodie has different type of patterns in different colours and look extremely cute. It also comes with long sleeves which are enough to cover your wrists.

Ice Cream Oodies

Ice cream blanket sweatshirts will not allow you to let bygones be bygones. While winters are already chilly, the ice cream oodies will give you a cooler and more chilled look. This blanket sweatshirt is covered with small and big ice creams. In addition to the ice creams, there are small snow crystals as well covering the entire surface of the oodie. It has pockets and a very fluffy fibre. This cheap blanket sweatshirt is everything that you need for the coming winters.

Animal Print Oodies

The market is flooded with oversized blanket sweatshirts which have animal prints. The prints range from leopard print to cow prints, kitty cat prints to zebra print and whatnot. If you are looking for little elephants, and cuddly teddy bears, we also have oodies with these prints. Overall, we have opened a small zoo for you on our comfy blanket sweatshirts. The blanket sweatshirt with hood is an added advantage as it will keep your head far from the cold.

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Striped oodies

A number of striped patterns are also available in sweatshirt blankets. You can buy a beautiful rainbow oodie or a striped rainbow oodie. You can also buy polka dot hoodies which are just perfect for females. These oodies are also suitable for all the colorful events. Snuggly oodies in striped patterns are worth everything.

Tie Dye Oodies

Tie Dye has been a superhit fashion trend this year. Oodies are not untouched by this trend. There are a number of oversized blanker sweatshirts that are made with tie dye patterns. These playful oodies are perfect for kids. These also look really well on the elderly people. The final look of the tie dye oodies is to die for.

There are other patterns as well which are getting really famous as cheap Oodie alternatives. We are sure there is something to fulfill your oodie needs in the market, and you should get it before its not in the stock anymore.

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