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Mother’s Day guide for gifting

Mother’s Day- a special day to celebrate our mothers is just around the corner, and we cannot wait to surprise her with the comfy hoodie blankets.

Year after year, we bombard our mother with Mother’s Day gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and what not. Let this year be different and gift something that has not only more utility but is also comfortable. Roses will not help your mom in cooking during winters but a comfy hoodie blanket will. It will not only keep the cold away from her body, but will also make her feel snuggled in a sweet love of their kids- who mean the world to her.

This is our attempt to help you chose the best Mother’s Day gift in a specified budget and make her feel loved. The best part- Unlike roses and chocolates, the wearable blanket sweatshirt will remind her of you and the heavenly connection even on the days when it is not Mother’s Day.

  1. Unicorn Oodie

Unicorn oodie by OodieBlan is an extremely popular oodie alternative. The customers prefer unicorn oodie over the other alternatives of Oodies and the reason is quite interesting- but not more than the design of the unicorn oodie.

The unicorn oodie is a comparatively new design but it has a special place in the hearts of customers who love big blanket hoodies. The comfy hooded blankets in this design go out of stock very soon and are extremely in demand. The beautiful and bold colors of this oodie will signify the power of your mother and make her feel her most powerful self. This oversized wearable blanket is one of the best oodie alternatives available in the market. Definitely go for this is you are in a different city this Mother’s Day.

  1. The classic pink OodieBlan

Available in different shades and designs, the pink oodie is a perfect gift for mothers. It will not only make her divine feminine side stronger but also make her look cute and the most beautiful lady on the planet. The unicorn oodie will make her feel like the master of her own world. The polka dot pink oodie will make her look like a Hollywood diva. The pink oodies are perfect for gifting if you are a mother-daughter duo. The same oodie will make your connection look cuter, and guess what- You and your mother will have the perfect Mother’s Day picture with the pink oodie on.

  1. New tie dye patterns

Tie dye has been a crazy trend this year. So, to keep up with the trends, a number of new tie dye oodies have been launched. These are mostly in solid colors to give a very classy and bold look. The colors are truly mesmerizing and the tie dye pattern is exactly the perfect amount of basics with a little pinch of the tie dye pattern. The blanket with hood is perfect in length and can be worn anywhere due to their perfect fit. In addition, these will allow you mom to style one oodie in multiple ways on various occasions.

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OodieBlan has a plenty of oodie alternatives to choose from. You can always make an oodie blanket duo to match outfits with your mom. The cheap oodies will also make sure you don’t spend a lot and burn a hole in your pocket over useless things. Head to our website to find the best fit for your mother and place your order right away!

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