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Is Buying an Oodie Worth it?


Oodies are incredibly popular pieces of clothing, especially among young people. Both their appearance and functionality are great. You’ll feel individual and free wearing a hoodie. They are never too close to your body to even think of making it uncomfortable.

Researching Cool oodies by HoodieBlan will actually provide you with a good expansion on the sizes available. Even 4XL-sized jumper blankets are readily available. On that note if you want to learn more about the oodies fame, the following factors should help in deciding if Oodies are worth it:

  1. It’ll be the most comfortable item you ever own.

Oodies are comprised of incredibly soft sherpa fleece on the inside and toasty flannel fleece on the outside. It was made with comfort in mind. The Oodies are reversible and sturdy because it is constructed of thick, high-quality material.

  1. Ideal for everywhere and anything

Because of its portability, an Oodie is the ideal travelling companion.

A few locations listed where you can flaunt your Oodies could be: On the couch, during lengthy car rides, while camping with friends, during outdoor concerts, on frigid flights, and in many more situations.

  1. Extremely Flexible

You won’t want to take off your Oodie because it has extra features including a hoodie, a large front pocket, and elastic sleeves. It does not lose its shape even when worn on a daily basis. You can sit on a chair, sit in a car seat, lay down on your bed, fold yourself into a lazy ball, and even play in your blanket sweatshirt. It is going to stay how you received it even after multiple years of usage.

  1. It’s all the same- One size fits all!

There is no need to use complicated sizing charts or go to a tailor because the Oodie was made with various body types in mind. The Oodies resembles a hoodie in size 6XL. It fits everyone—even a basketball player who is 205 cm tall and pregnant or a 10-year-old! We also offer Kids oodies that are a bit small in size to fit extremely small kids and infants.

  1. International Shipping

We provide free worldwide shipping. Our couriers are express carriers, so your Oodie will be at your doorstep in the shortest amount of time. There are no hidden shipping charges, making it all the way more affordable.

  1. Extremely Affordable

Oodies from HoodieBlan are highly affordable and do not burn a hole in your pocket. We value our customers so we also provide additional discounts. Unlike other clothing, your oodie will never need a dry cleaning or an expensive care routine! Just toss it in the washing machine along with your regular detergent and it’s bright like new. Read the wash care instruction to know more!

The above reasons are enough to understand that buying an oodie is completely worth it. No one knows a product better than a person who has already used it. We have thousands of positive reviews on our trending oodie alternatives, which can be checked out on our website.

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