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How to wash Hooded Blanket

The most common question we get as an Oodie brand is how frequently oodies require cleaning and how they can be cleaned.

Oodies require routine cleaning much like other apparel and bedding for your hygiene. To prevent dust and grime from accumulating, it is advised that you wash heavily used hooded blankets about once a month.

Under the proper conditions, the majority of hooded blankets may be safely washed in a washing machine, but if you’re unclear of the best cleaning technique for your blanket, you can alternatively wash it by hand.

  1. Wash by hand

Add detergent to a tub of cool water. Locate a tub or basin that can accommodate your hooded blanket and fill it with cold water. Add some mild detergent and stir it into the water. You’ll essentially be performing the same task as a gentle washing machine but by hand. This provides you more control over how the oodie is handled and aids in making sure that every element gets cleaned. Make sure to take a huge tub to prevent overflowing.

You can knead your oodie into a ball to completely submerge it in water. It can be rubbed with your hands once it has been soaking for a few minutes. This method of cleaning dust is simple, but if there are any noticeable stains, you should rub them with soap.  After washing is complete, take the hoodie blanket out of the bucket and squeeze out any extra soapy water. Pour the water into the bucket and then fill it with warm water. Until the washing powder or detergent is removed and the water is clear, wash your blanket hoodie in water two or three times.

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  1. Machine wash

The good news is that giant blanket hoodies may be washed using in addition to hand washing, even though many garments cannot be washed directly in a washing machine. You could find it a little difficult to wash by hand, but using a washing machine can save time and effort. Before putting it in the washing machine, you should keep in mind that you should wash your hoodie separately from other clothing items. You can definitely wash two oodie blankets together. However, washing fleece alongside other fabrics could harm it, making the hoodie less soft than it was before. Therefore, separate cleaning is a good way to prevent harm.

Just throw your blanket hoodie into the machine with some lukewarm water, add the regular detergent you have and give it a good but gentle spin. You can also add some fabric conditioner after the regular wash and get a good fragrance from your Hoodie blanket.

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These two are the most common and advised methods for washing your oodie blankets. These are not only affordable but also effective if followed properly. Hoodie blankets from HoodieBlan are also dust resistant and can be used without washing for more than a month. Do check the collection out!

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