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How Oodies came into existence?

Oodie Blan

Lets hear a story first……..

Long time ago, there was a time when people felt spine shivering cold during the winters. Nothing could save them from the appeal of chilly winds and low temperatures. There was no blanket sweatshirts or oodies to keep them warm outside. As a result, people just stayed indoors and waited for the winters to pass in the blink of an eye. But that was just a dream. Winters extended, and the urge to move out grew stronger. Still people had one dreadful thought- the thought of fighting the cold. They could not carry their blankets, or the fire everywhere around them.

One fine day, somewhere in the cold lands, someone thought to using their blankets as hoodies. They wrapped their regular blankets around them and tried to move. But the idea failed. Next day, they sew the ends of the blankets, made a hole for the arms and the rest is a history!

Lets get to the reality now!

The above story might seem a bit dramatic, but we all know its true. Life was difficult during the winter season when there were no sweatshirt blankets. People used to be still and stay snuggled all day long inside their homes. Heaters were their best friends. But again, Oodies came, saw, and conquered. When the winter season was breaking the backs of the people, oodies became saviors and best friends.

Oodies are made after a very thoughtful process. The process which turns blankets into wearable hooded blankets. These wearable hooded blankets are perfect to keep you warm. Oodies do not miss out on protecting your arms, and heads as well. Nothing is exposed to the cold when you wear an oversized sweatshirt blanket.

These blanket sweatshirts are made with love and care. The care for all mankind and love for fellow human beings. That is why oodies are made of premium quality flannel that is long lasting. This means some savings as well because one oodie is perfect for many winters.

How are the oodie designs found?

The numerous and catchy designs of wearable blankets are a very well-planned mixture. A mixture of creativity, love, innovation, and newness. Each design is unique in itself, and stands out. Some designs are brainstormed specifically for the kids. These oodie designs are more colorful than the regular designs. Adding pockets, hoods, drawstrings, and additional linings in your oodie blankets are all well thought out plans. We don’t randomly produce anything. A lot of time and efforts goes into dropping each unique oodie blanket. That’s why we are the best in the market.

Special festive collections? Yes, Sir.

You might be shocked but the festive collections for oodie blankets are planned in advance. Each year separate oodies are launched for various events. Designs such as unicorn oodie and pink oodie are extremely high in demand during the festive season. Avocado oodie is greatly famous for everyday purposes. We also plan sales and additional discounts on the wearable sweatshirt blankets just to surprise our customers. Why? Because you all deserve it.

You might all think what keeps us motivated to launch new oodie variants, and cheap oodie alternatives. Well, the great support and love from our customers keep us going.

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