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Fun party themes around Oodies

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Since it’s already the festive season around all corners of the world, theme parties are going to be more frequent. This calls for good themes for all these parties. Themes with Oodies are our guess for a better experience and why not?
Oodies are comfy blanket sweatshirts which can be worn from morning to night. It is hands down the best outfit to dance in, sleep in, and go out in. People who have their Oodies handy will definitely thank you for your creative themes involving their blanket sweatshirts.
Here are some bomb ideas for fun party themes with Oodies:

Halloween with Oodies

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There are a number of blanket sweatshirts that are perfect colours for a Halloween party. The patterns are catchy and beautiful. These extremely comfy sweatshirt blankets are going to get a world full of treats. The pockets are the cherry on the cake, as you can fill as many treats into them. So, we are guessing a Halloween with Oodies is a perfect theme to begin the festivities.
A Silver Oodie is the best for carrying a ghost look. You can use this theme to spice up the traditional ghost looks. In addition, you can also let people turn into any character they want but only wear an Oodie. You can also provide options for wearing other oodies such as the cow print oodie, pink oodie, koala oodie, unicorn oodie, etc. to look different from others.
If you are the one with this theme, where people can get into any look using their oodies, you are already the star.

A Christmas filled with Oodies

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Another theme where oodies can very well be used is A Christmas with oodies. Invite people to your Christmas party but not in their branded clothes. Make it a mandatory thing to wear just the red or green oodies to look like a comfy goofball. Add face masks and hand gloves to make it free from unwanted germs and cold.
You can also plan a party where people dress up as reindeer in their deer-printed oodies or in any other Christmas oodie. This theme is going to be unique, fun, and suitable for people of all age groups.

A Comfy New Year’s Eve

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This is probably going to be the most unique and loved theme with oodies. New Year’s Eve is the most awaited and exciting event of the year. People are extra concerned about their outfits, accessories, and whatnot. Surprise them by taking all their worries away and introduce a new theme- A comfy New Year’s Eve.
This theme will be all about styling the blanket sweatshirts, and minimal makeup. Add comfy shoes and some good company to have the most memorable beginning to the coming year. This theme is not only inclusive of oodies but will also keep people warm in the teeth biting cold.

These are some of the best ideas for organizing a party and including oodies in the theme. These are not normal themes as these themes will save people from buying many things that they are not going to use again in their life. You are going to be a real saviour for people and get a lot of love for the crazy party.

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