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Food to enjoy while wearing your Oodie

Food to enjoy while wearing your Oodie

If you are a foodie who likes to try all food items, this post is for you.

It is important to feel maximum comfort while having your food. It not only allows you to enjoy the food but also allows you to enjoy the surroundings if you are eating outside. An oodie allows you to feel free and relaxed while eating. Plus you don’t have to be worried about spilling food, as our oodies are easily cleanable using regular detergents and a washing machine.

Here are some best combinations of foods and oodie blankets to try for the best experience, and Instagram-able pictures:


If you are a sushi lover, as we all are, we have a perfect match for your next sushi date. Wear your sushi oodie to resemble your favourite food. The Sushi oodie is an ideal combination of bright colours. So it allows you to stay confident and in a class all the time, even when you are having multiple rounds of sushi. This is also the most famous pattern in the kids’ oodies.

Strawberry shakes and pies

Strawberries are not only healthy and tasty but are also good-looking. So, it becomes extremely important that you look as cute as your food having strawberries for the perfect vibe. Even if you are planning to have a strawberry pie or shake or smoothie, the Strawberry oodie is a perfect choice. The strawberry oodie is available in different variants. You can buy kids strawberry oodie if you have a kid who loves strawberries. You can buy the zipper strawberry oodie if you want some extra comfort. Overall, the strawberry oodie is the cutest oodie you can wear while stepping outside (or even inside).


The sweetest and tastiest dessert, Donuts are everyone’s all-time favourite. These are perfect for snacks. A doughnut is a perfect mood lifter when you are feeling low. Inspired by the mighty Donut itself, we have our Krispy Kreme Oodie blanket in bright pink colour. It has a perfect colour. It is also the cutest pattern. The Krispy Kreme oodie is also perfect to inspire you to eat some different doughnut flavours. In addition, we can also promise the cutest pictures in the Krispy Kreme Oodie with a doughnut in the frame.

Krispy Kreme Oodie

Avocado toast

The healthiest, the yummiest, and the most famous avocado toast is the perfect food item to eat while wearing the Avocado Oodie. The oodie has a print of cute avocado and avocado toasts all over. The colour of the Avocado Oodie is magnificent and suits all personalities. This oodie is a must-have if you have not bought one yet. If you already have one, do not forget to share your beautiful pictures in reviews!

Apple pie

“An Apple a Day keeps a doctor away”. We have all heard this. But an apple pie is something that keeps you closer to your loved ones. Its unique taste is what inspired us to introduce the Green Apple Oodie. The Green Apple oodie is one of the unique patterns launched by OodieBlan; you definitely need to have it.

Share some more resemblances of food items with our oodie blankets in the comments and get a chance to win a special discount.

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