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Events to attend while wearing oodies

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Oodies are comfortable blanket sweatshirts. These are cheap, manageable, and trendy. In addition, oodie blankets keep your body warm and your look cool- the perfect combination for attending certain events.

While some people prefer keeping their oodies indoors for the sake of the new look, others have already exposed various oodie alternatives to the world. Here is the list of all the events that you can carry your oodie blankets to and get all the eyes on yourself.

Music festivals

Music festivals, concerts, dance parties, and anything that involves music is the perfect event to wear your oodie blanket. Since music festivals require you to keep grooving and moving that body, it is always desired that you wear loose but cool clothes. Nothing is more comfortable yet cool than an oversized sweatshirt blanket. Your blanket sweatshirt will not only keep you comfortable but also keep your spirits high as you will not have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions or cold catching you afterwards.

Wine tasting events

Classy events such as wine tasting, visit to winery, and vineyard visits are perfect for wearing oodies. Due to the colorful yet classy prints and designs that are available in the market, the Hoody blankets are extremely suitable for such events. They go with the aesthetics of the place and keep you comfortable while sipping that wine. If you want a defined look, you can wear a belt around your waist and turn your blanket sweatshirt into a fashion walk dress.

Movie nights

Movie night with friends and families calls for you to be your truest selves. It calls for warmth and comfort so that you can enjoy your favourite movie with mom pop cons. Nothing is better than an oversized blanket sweatshirt for such nights where all you want to do is feel home and close to the people. You can easily sit and change positions while carrying an oodie blanket. Even if you fall asleep during the movie, your oodie blanket will keep you warm and covered.

Theme parties

Parties with different themes are perfect for showing off your oodies. Different parties such as birthday parties, pre-wedding parties, etc. are perfect where you can enjoy wearing your oodie blankets.

Night outs

All the nights when you do not feel sleepy and want to keep up with the fast-moving world, you would need a companion. A blanket sweatshirt could be your best companion on all such nights. An oodie blanket will be perfect for all the late-night adventures. Be it the long drives or the night time walks in the woods, an oodie blanket is perfect for both. It is rather the best as all you need to do is throw your oodie on your body with a pair of shoes and get out of the walls. The night will be young and you will be warm.

A number of events call for pre-planned coordinated outfits which definitely look good but are extremely difficult to manage for a long time. Instead, you can wear your oodie blankets to these events and forget about everything else.

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