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Celebrate Valentine’s week with Oodies

Celebrate Valentine’s Week With Oodies

Valentine’s week is almost here and so is the excitement. Let’s get you ready to celebrate each day of Valentine’s week in comfort and style!

  1. Rose day

First comes Rose Day, a day when lovers exchange red roses as a sign of their affection. In essence, it’s a setup for the proposal, which comes the following day. Sending a suitable gift in honour of Rose Day will therefore set the stage. The day of February 7 is observed as Rose Day.

Pair your perfect red rose with the Wine red oodie for a perfect combo. The Wine red oodie is also the most suitable oodie for Valentine’s week. It is a must-buy if you are celebrating the upcoming Valentine’s.

  1. Propose Day

You can freely ask out the person you like with a rose or ring on this day, and even if they are rejected, there should be no hard feelings. This makes it a proposal day. On this day, don’t be afraid to ask the person you love to be your valentine. The day of February 8 is celebrated as Propose day.

Be more mindful on this day and show your partner that you care. Order a comfortable oodie blanket for them and surprise them. It will not only make you their favourite but also show how you can plan even proposals in a unique manner. Check out the unique collection of oodie blankets at OodieBlan to find the right oodie for your day.

  1. Chocolate day

Since chocolates are associated with love, it makes sense that they would have a special place throughout this week. To cheer up your loved ones and show them how much you care, send them chocolates. The ninth of February is celebrated as chocolate day around the world.

The Krispy Kreme oodie will be an ideal gift for chocolate day. It has chocolaty doughnuts printed on the surface making it the right match.

  1. Teddy Day

Every girl adores teddies because they are the cutest and most well-known soft toys. Give your girl a cuddly teddy that will serve as a constant reminder of your love. You can find the prettiest teddies to give as gifts but they are too ordinary. Send something more well-thought-out.  The day of February 10th is marked as Teddy Day.

The Cuddly Teddy Bear Oodie will be a perfect choice. It will not only act as a cuddly blanket for your partner but also keep him/ her safe from the cold. This oodie is the perfect substitute for a huge teddy bear as unlike the big teddy, the teddy oodie can be folded and kept inside the Cupboard. It comes with a storage bag, which makes the management of your gift easier.

The softest and best quality oodie blankets from OodieBlan are perfect gifting items for Valentine’s week. These are different from normal gifts and actually, add utility. They last for years and don’t require heavy maintenance.

To find out suitable matches for the remaining valentine’s week, do check out the next blog.

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