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Celebrate Valentine’s week with Oodies- Part II

Celebrate Valentine’s Week With Oodies

The most awaited blog for this Valentine’s is live now. In the last post, we discussed how you can substitute regular valentine day’s gifts with oodies and that too effortlessly. Here are the tips for the remaining days of valentine’s week. Sit back tight and keep your devices ready to place your oodie orders from OodieBlan

Promise day

Promise Day is on February 11. It is a day to pledge commitments to one another and is typically accompanied by gift-giving. God will help you through if you make sincere, attainable pledges that you can keep.

Generally, promise day is marked by sharing promise rings. But this year it is time to change the way you promise. Shower your loved one with some soft and cuddly oodie blankets to always be at their side. A lot of cute oodie patterns such as the Juicy strawberry oodie, the dog oodie, the avocado oodie etc. are perfect for gifting on the upcoming promise day.

Hug day

Go on! Day speaks for itself! Give your closest loved ones your bear-est hugs. In a way, shower people with hugs to make sure they remember you for a while. And always keep in mind that it’s best to give lots of hugs. Bring on the showers! The day of February 12th is to be celebrated as Hug Day.

The polar bear oodie is the perfect oodie for this occasion. Bears are not only soft but they can keep you warm. The polar bear oodie can be hugged at all times. It will keep you the most comfortable with big pockets to keep all your stuff safe in one place.

Kiss day

Kiss Day is on February 13th, a perfect day for both makeup and kissing. Keep in mind to kiss her forehead as well, as it denotes responsibility and caring. And ladies, you can entirely surprise your partner by giving him or her a warm, reassuring kiss.

The unique collection of oodie blankets at OodieBlan is the perfect kiss day gift for your partner.

Valentine day

Finally, everything comes to a head on February 14th, when you can express your creativity in any way to demonstrate your love, care, and responsibility.

This is the day when you have to be the most creative. Surprise your partner with the cutest oodie blankets from OodieBlan on a Valentine’s Day date. These unisex oodies are perfect for males as well as females.

Valentine’s week is one of the most celebrated weeks among love birds. At the same time, it is pretty common to gift teddy bears, jewellery, chocolates, and flowers to your partners, it’s time to change your gifts. Its time to be more unpredictable and surprise your partners with the best oodie blankets on the market.

OodieBlan oodie blankets are the most comfortable and cutest gifts. They will remind your partner of you. These blanket hoodies are quite affordable as well, so even when valentine’s week is over, you are still left with money to keep you going through the month!

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