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Valentine’s Day immediately conjures up images of romance, costly gifts, dates, and flowers. Galentine’s Day, which was established on February 11, 2010, was inspired by the television series Parks and Recreation, in which one of the characters created the holiday to honour her closest friends and their friendship.

Valentine’s Day may serve as a continual reminder for some people that they are single, which can be extremely depressing. This is why celebrating Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends is a terrific way to remind one another of the love you have in your lives and emphasise the value of your friendships. Strong friendships have several known advantages, some of which include lowering stress levels, boosting confidence, reducing depression, and giving one a sense of purpose and belonging.

Companies are now offering deals and promotions to celebrate what some people see as the “National Day of Friendship,” despite the fact that it is not as widely advertised as Valentine’s Day, which commandeers the aisles at your neighbourhood grocery store. As a result, it is growing in popularity every year.

Here are some ideas on how to make your gal-pals feel special this Galentine’s:

  1. Go on an Oodie Picnic Date

Picnic dates with girlies is one of the best ways to celebrate the Day of Friendship. If you are planning a picnic day with your girl gang, the Unicorn oodie is the best choice. It is a perfect shade of pink with a cute unicorn print all over. The unicorn oodie has huge pockets to store your lip balms, sunscreens, and your AirPods. Just put it on, and you are ready for a fun and memorable day with your besties!

  1. Collect charity for the needy

It is always said that you should never forget to count your blessings. All that we have in our lives, someone is deprived of that. This Galentine’s day, plan a charity walk or event for the needy. You can wear your oodie blankets for maximum comfort throughout the day. You can donate some oodie blankets to the needy as well. The oodie blankets from OodieBlan are super affordable and can be donated without second thoughts.

  1. Surprise them with gifts

While it’s important to do good things, it’s equally important to make your girlfriends special. They are the ones who stick by you, through thick and thin. Galentine’s is the perfect day to surprise your girl best friend with an oodie in their favourite colour. You can choose from a variety of oodie designs, and colours. OodieBlan has something for all. You will definitely find an oodie in colour looking for your friend. The oodies from OodieBlan are super large, which means that you don’t even have to worry about the sizes!

Oodie Blankets are the perfect gifting items for all the girls out there. The Oodie blankets are not only true partners of all but also require no attention. It has no demands and no tantrums. An oodie will make your life simpler, and that is what you definitely need!

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