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Beach Day with Oodies!

Beach Day with Oodies!

Oodies are not just for winters. If it’s fall season and you are a beach person, an oodie is a must-have. When the beach day is coming to an end, and the sun is going down, the cold breeze feels good only to an extent. Then it starts to give you some chilling in the body. Your oodie will come in handy at that exact moment when you wish to have more clothes and a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Here is how you can make sure to not miss the beach days in cold weather with just one hooded blanket:

  1. An Oodie will protect you from the extra rays

Soaking the sun is very important in the winter, we understand. But too many sun rays can even cause problems. It will not only tan your skin but can also result in rashes.

Cover yourself from head to toe in the OodieBlan’s extra-long corgi oodie to keep yourself insulated while saying no to the tan and sunburnt skin!

The corgi oodie will also look extremely good with the sandy beach, and blue skies.

  1. An Oodie will keep you from the cold waves

A regular-sized oodie blanket will protect your head from the cold air while you enjoy running in the sea waves.

The spring season is very crucial as it is quite normal to catch cold and seasonal allergies due to sharp winds. It’s always better to keep your body warm even when you are going for beach days.

Pair your Unicorn oodie with the soft sea waves and windy evenings to make sure that the cold does not get closer to you.

  1. Use as a cover-up

When you are wearing bikinis and other beach clothing, it is always good to cover your body post-cleansing. An oodie will do the job just right without any hassles. It will allow your body to maintain its normal temperature when it starts to get too cold.

Carry a zipper oodie with your stuff to the beach. The zipper oodie will not only allow you to wear and take it off effortlessly, but also give you a very chic and classy look.

A lot of zippers will look good on the beach. Try out the black oodie, leopard oodie, and wine red oodie for beautiful pictures on the beach.

  1. Keep your belongings sorted with the Oodie

The hue pocket in the oodie blanket will help you to keep all your important stuff sorted. You will not need to worry about losing your cute ring stacks, or missing your sunscreen when you have an oodie with you.

You can keep as many items as you want in the huge-deep pockets of all the oodies. This adds extra comfort and lesser headache.

If you have had a beach day with your oodie, share your experience in the comments below. The best one gets a chance to feature their story on our official blog.

For more oodie blankets and beautiful patterns, check out our website.

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