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A few things to consider before you buy your Oodie

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We all know that buying your favorite oodie blanket is the priority task for all. These warm, soft, cuddly, and affordable wearable blankets are so high in demand that you might feel the pressure of ordering too soon. But as always, OodieBlan is not just about quantity but quality. So, we want all our customers to make choices that are informed, well-thought and the best for them. We also want to do our part in reducing waste generation and carbon print. So we suggest all our customers to consider a few things before making their purchase. A few things that you should consider before buying your oodie are:

Decide the fit you want

Before buying any design or color of the oodie blanket, the first thing you should decide is the fit. An oodie blanket is generally lose fitting and gives a very comfy fit. However, if you want it to be a bit fitted, you should try to get smaller sizes than the usual oodie sizes.

Pro tip: Solid colored oodie blankets such as the pink oodie, grey oodie, etc. look mesmerizing in a hugging fit. Designs such as the unicorn oodie, panda oodie and avocado oodie etc. look great in lose fit.

Decide the design you want

A number of oodie designs are available on the official website of OodieBlan. This becomes one of the most crucial decision as the design you buy is going to stay with you for a long time.

We suggest if you are buying for children to buy from the children section. The most common children oodie designs are the avocado oodie, panda oodie, cat oodie, etc.

If you are buying for your partner, consider buying two oodies in the same design. The pink oodie, unicorn oodie, galaxy oodie, etc. are the most popular choices.

If you are buying for adults, buying solid colors and tie dye oodie will be the best option because these are really trending.

Plan on receiving the delivery 

The general information about shipping and delivery of oodies from OodieBlan is available on our website and can be accessed any time from any device.

However, we suggest you buy your oodie beforehand for important occasions because during the peak season, the demand is very high and your may have to wait a say longer for the delivery.

Cross check your address

The excitement of buying a beautiful, comfy, and cheap oodie can make anyone less focused towards important details. However, we suggest that you cross check the address, contact details, and other relevant information before purchasing the oodie and making the payment. This ensures hassle free shipping and delivery + timely updates on your orders.

At OodieBlan, we aspire to build a brand that not only provides the best quality oodie blankets to all its customers, but also remain sensible towards quality. We believe in “Slow and steady wins the race”, so don’t commit mistakes and place your oodie orders securely with us today!

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